CPR First Aid Company

Nationally Recognized Training and We have multiple instructors per class

 Below are the classes we offer. click for details.


* Standard CPR Training   


*BLS CPR for the health care provider   


* First Aid Training


* Annual Blood Borne Pathogens Training


* HIV / AIDS education/certification.


* Note: Beginning Jan 2018 all AHA certifications issued will be e cards due to AHA policy.

                                                                 They are no longer providing us with printed cards.


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( Please call to register or for more information.

(253) 474 5879 or (253) 841 - 3311

E-mail:  cprfirstaid2003@yahoo.com

Please note: Although we are usually able to aid you in determining which class meets your requirement needs,

It is still your responsibility to choose the right training. Please always check with your employer, D.O.H. or other to determine the level of training needed.  



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