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HIV / AIDS Education

"Washington State HIV/AIDS education Certification (KNOW) Curriculum"

The CPR First Aid Company Curriculum for HIV/AIDS is the Washington State "Know" Curriculum Manual provided by Washington State Department of Health, and covers topics as follows:


1. Etiology & Epidemiology of HIV.
2. Reported Aids cases in USA and Washington State.
3. Risk to population.
4. Transmission & Infection Control.
5. Infection Control Precautions.
6. Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions.
7. Risk for transmission 
8. Testing / counseling / partner notification.

9. Clinical manifestation and treatment.
10. Legal and ethical issues.
11. Psychosocial issues / morel and legal ethics
12. Hepatitis A, B, C.
13. Personal Protective Equipment.
14. Social and economical impact.
15. Open for questions and discussions.

Students receive a certification card at the completion of course as required by State of Washington and for verification of course completion.
2-4-7 hour courses meet Washington State Health Department requirements for all occupations. Our HIV/AIDS courses are instructor assisted, video and KNOW manual driven.

Our HIV / AIDS training is listed by the Washington State Department of Health. 2-4-7 hour session also include the yearly Blood Borne Pathogens certifications

Two common asked questions you may have.

Question: KNOW Document - What Is It according to the Washington State Department of Health? Answer: The 1988 Washington State Omnibus Law requires that certain people have HIV/AIDS education.


Question: What is the KNOW HIV Prevention Education Curriculum according to Washington State department of Health? Answer: The Washington State Department of Health developed a model curriculum for HIV/AIDS education. This document is the Know HIV Prevention Education for Health Care Facility Employees. Educators who teach HIV/AIDS classes can use this as their curriculum. It presents the specific topics required by law. It is not a self-study manual. Educators should present the material in a traditional classroom style.  An expert instructor should be available to answer to technical questions

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